about Ume and Kobaien

about Ume

Ume is plants of belonging to subgenus plum and one kind of the Genus cereus of Rosaceae. Plum and Apricot are also same subgenus. It was said that it was transmitted to ancient Japan from China, The fruits are edible, but not only that also the whole trees and flowers are used for appreciation, branches and barks are also used for dyeing. In Japan Ume has become an indispensable thing,as a main way to eat is salted and eaten as pickles.

about Nankoume

It is said that there are 500 kinds of ume, the most famous among them is Nankoume. Nankoume is a large grain and soft, characterized by thick pulp.The fruit is consumed as a top quality item among many uses, mainly gifts. Mimabe town and Tanabe city are major production area of Nankoume.

Efficacy of ume

Although it is a Japanese who has a long life expectancy, ume is famous for its Japanese as a health food. Ume consumption is said to have effects such as prevention of cancer, prevention of aging, recovery from fatigue, effects on mineral calcium deficiency, body acidification and so on.

  • Function of citric acid

The sourness of ume depends on the action of citric acid. Citric acid has a strong bactericidal action and kills microorganisms that cause food poisoning. It also acts to activate the citric acid cycle in the body, to prevent accumulation of lactic acid which causes fatigue, and to improve absorption of calcium.

  • King of alkaline food

For human beings to be healthy, body fluids (blood and cell fluids) need to be kept weakly alkaline.Modern eating habits tend to take a lot of high-calorie acidic foods (meat, fish, bread, rice, eggs, beer) that are usually easy to take. Conversely, alkaline foods (plum, vegetables, milk, apples, seaweed) are difficult to take. In such a case the ume of the king of alkaline food is useful. For example, if you eat 100 grams of beef, you have to eat 900 grams if it is cucumber to neutralize it, but if it is ume, you can neutralize it by only 5 grams.

  • Abundant mineral content

Ume contains abundant minerals, for example, calcium is 4 times, iron is 6 times, and magnesium and zinc are also ume compared to apple.

about Kobaien

Kobaien is a special manufacturer of Nankoume in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, which is the place where ume in Japan are the most production area. The founder Tsutomu Hazehara’s dream is it is that people around the world are eating Nankoume,and at our company although we are making traditional pickled ume of course, also we are pursuing a wide range of processing methods without concern for salting.Those products also receive the highest prize such as 3 stars and the highest gold prize in Monde Selection and ITQI etc.

Main product introduction

  • Kishu-Nankoume「Mitsukoi」(Honey plum)

Even within salted ume, it is finished in 5% popular pickled ume as low salt and fruity taste



  • Kishu-katsuoume

Blend traditional pickled ume with chopped minced shiso and bonito.It is pickled ume which balanced the umami, pungent and acidity that goes well with rice.



  • dream of dessert ume

Do not salted Nankoume at all, it is a plain fruit just as it is with sugar and apple vinegar just as it is. It is well-balanced between sourness of Nankoume and sweetness of sugar, it is recommended to eat cold. Even if it freezes it is delicious.



  • Ume Grace 「Rubia」

Do not salted Nankoume at all, we put in sugar and apple vinegar and finished it through a heating process etc. It is a product to eat as a refreshments at tea time in the afternoon.

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  • Ume syrup be fragrant of apple vinegar

Add Nankoume to sugar, apple vinegar and ume syrup which you thoroughly extracted.It has a sweet and sour taste, plenty of citric acid, it is also ideal for recovery from fatigue and summer.Dilute to 5 times with water or carbonated water to ume juice.Mix with your favorite sake and into ume wine. It also puts on shaved ice,making sweets like jelly.

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